Hispanic League Staff


From The Executive Director

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Executive Director of the Hispanic League since January 2012. My history with the Hispanic/Latino Community began over 20 years ago while working as the executive director of the Association for the Benefit of Child Development (ABCD).  I was a part of the first Hispanic Services Coalition, on the Board of Directors for the Hispanic International Action Association and Accíon Hispana.  My priority for the Hispanic League is to ensure that the multiple programs and projects we offer receive adequate funding and the recognition to succeed.

We are most grateful for the extraordinary generosity of the many sponsors, partners, and dedicated volunteers that collaborate with the Hispanic League to empower our work in the community and support our signature initiatives of Education, Culture and Community. By never losing sight of our mission, we navigate our way through the ever-changing needs of the Hispanic/Latino community and the different dynamics encountered by families. 

Join with us as and share the passion as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary Year and invest in the rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino community.  Become a member of the Hispanic League, join a committee and become a volunteer. Make a commitment toward multicultural understanding through participation in Hispanic League sponsored events and activities. Together we can offer a beacon of hope toward changing the lives that will shape and lead our community in the future.

Mari Jo Turner


Executive Director,
Mari Jo Turner

I'm involved with the Hispanic League because: I am passionate about Hispanic/Latino families and optimistic that together we can build a bridge of multicultural understanding in our community. I believe in our Hispanic League mission. Through our important programs and projects, we will change lives and help future leaders to be a success.


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Program Coordinator,
Juan Aguilar

I have seen first hand the importance of education and the personal development of individuals with access to resources and opportunity. Therefore, I joined to help execute the mission of the Hispanic League and help students grow into leaders with admirable character. 




I am excited to be a part of an organization whose motto is Enriching Lives & Embracing Multiculturalism.  Our initiatives in education, culture, and health are essential to our Winston-Salem community.  The strategic approach the Hispanic League takes to tackle these community needs is what really motivates me every day.




Community service coordinator,

I have experienced the intricate process of immigration and the inevitable culture shock that follows. It is of great importance to bridge the cultural and language gap. Joining the Hispanic League has given me the opportunity to help fulfill this need for the community.


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Administrative Assistant, 

In life we must always aim to grow as a human being and help others grow and reach their maximum potential. The Hispanic community has distinguished itself in the United States and other countries in the world for their perseverance and their desire to fight tirelessly. When I learned about the Hispanic League, I fell in love with its mission: to provide opportunities for Hispanic people to enrich their knowledge and create ties beyond language and cultural diversity. I am proud to belong to the League and I hope to contribute to helping others become empowered leaders in our Hispanic community.