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Preventing Drug Abuse to Achieve Academic Success
Contributed by reader, Jennifer Elwes
One of the goals of Hispanic League is to help young people achieve their dream of entering higher education. This support can take many forms, but what might not spring to mind is helping them stay free from drugs. For the majority of parents a concern is that your children will be tempted by drugs, but your worries may focus more on the dangers that substance abuse may pose for their physical and mental well-being1. However, when drug use becomes a habit, this can have a significant impact on a teen’s academic performance and the chance of furthering their education.

Drug use among Hispanic students

Drug abuse among young people is an important issue for the Hispanic community, as while rates of illicit drug use are lower for older Hispanic adults than non-Hispanics, they are higher among Hispanic students2. Indeed, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s report on youth health behaviors, Hispanic students in grades 9 to 12 are more likely to have used marijuana, cocaine, hallucinogens, ecstasy, heroin, crystal meth, steroids and prescription drugs not issued to them than non-Hispanic students3. Rates of marijuana and prescription drug use are particularly high, at 48% and 19% respectively, possibly owing to the fact that these substances are more available and seen as safer, though painkillers are just as dangerous and addictive as heroin4. While certain factors make young people more susceptible to take drugs, good parental support and community involvement can protect against substance misuse5, so even if some risk factors are present, drug taking is not inevitable with the right guidance.  

Academic impact of drug use

The physical and mental effects of drug use can take their toll on a student’s academic performance. For instance, using drugs recreationally in the evenings and at weekends impacts on brain function and may prevent a young person from completing their homework satisfactorily. This can also spill over into the school day, as the come down after taking drugs can lead to withdrawal symptoms, and while these vary from one substance to another, they include low energy levels, poor concentration, anxiety and low mood, potentially interfering with their class work. At times these symptoms may be so severe that they need to take a day’s absence from school, which if repeated may cause students to fall behind with their studies. Grades in a previously high achieving student can also slip if they develop an addiction to drugs, as the focus turns to their substance of choice and they lose interest in those areas previously important to them. There is additionally a strong link between substance misuse and dropping out of high school6. Figures show that around 34% of Hispanic pupils do not graduate from high school and while the reasons for this are varied, it is plausible that drug abuse contributes to a proportion of cases, as it does among other communities. Students unable to complete their studies not only miss out on the chance to enter college, but leaving without a high school diploma also places young people at greater risk of developing poor health and a lower life expectancy, owing to the financial implications of having limited qualifications.

Helping your kids to avoid drug use

While you may not find broaching the subject of drugs with your children easy, it is vital you don’t put it off, as the sooner you start the discussion and keep it going, the less likely they are to give into temptation. It might sound early, but experts recommend getting the conversation about drugs going when they are between five and seven years of age7. You can take cues from when drugs might come up such as in a television show, explaining that using drugs other than anything a doctor prescribes can cause harm and lead to bad decisions.  You can adapt your discussions to suit your children’s age, but make sure that you are aware of the facts about drugs so that you are ready to answer any questions your youngsters may have. Once in their teenage years, ask for their views, discuss reasons not to use drugs that they can identify with and discuss how they can resist pressure from their friends to try drugs8.

Besides these conversations, there are other ways that you can help your children resist addictive substances. Firstly, it is important to be a good role model, so even if you don’t use drugs, but you smoke or drink heavily, you should consider adopting healthier habits. Secondly, help your children to develop a good level of self-esteem by listening to them and taking them seriously. This can make them more confident and assertive, so they are more likely to make healthy choices and say “no” when offered drugs. Finally, you can help your kids to develop their hobbies and interests, as unsupervised time that is not devoted to leisure activities increases the risk that teens will turn to drugs. Taking these steps can help your youngsters to stay drug free and achieve their goals.

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Services: Adult general medicine. Prenatal and well child. No pharmacy on site.

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Cost: Medicaid and private insurance accepted. Financial assistance is available for uninsured, must provide income documentation.
Services: Free pregnancy test (Monday 3 - 4:30 pm) OB/GYN care, IUD insertion, ultrasound, and laboratory testing.

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Cost: Free
Services: Chronic condition care, acute care, physicals, immunizations, primary care, and pharmacy.

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Cost: Services usually cost between $10 - $40
Note: Must attend a screening appointment prior to dental services

Forsyth Tech Dental Clinic



The dental crisis fund- meets emergency dental needs of children 5-18 years of age in Stokes county
Phone: (336) 593-5370

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Cost: Free
Note: Dirección de correo electrónico: Fermin Bocanegra Services: LOVE IN ACTION In addition to our spiritual emphasis, we demonstrate our love to our fellow man though the following free dental services, community and home orientation, referral and basic necessities such as food, clothing, furniture, cars, and personal items. 

Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana


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Phone: (336) 777-1272
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Cost: Accepts Medicaid and Health Choice

Medicaid Dental Center


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Cost: Free
Services: Contact Winston-Salem Rescue Mission for more detailed information.

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  • J. Mark Oliver, DDS, PA. Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 724-5054
  • Smile Starters, Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 777-1272
  • Kenneth R. Russell, DDS, PA. Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 768-7940
  • Taylor, Laurel, E., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 765-1881
  • Stowe, Robert, P., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 765-1881
  • Jeffries, Perry, L., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 748-0033
  • Ballinger, Christopher, N., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 721-7921
  • Ballinger, Nermin, J., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 721-7921
  • Steinbecker, Jason, M., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 765-1881
  • Nguyen, T. Yen, Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 245-2690
  • Geer, Andrew, C., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 922-2542
  • Heath, David, R., Walkertown, NC --- (336) 727-0077
  • Miller Jr., David, E., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 765-1881
  • Teague II, Sidney, C., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 765-6315
  • Wooten, Bobby, G., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 768-7495

Dentists Accepting Medicaid
General Dentist/s

  • Peoples III, Carl, E., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 765-5374
  • Bailey, Paul, H., Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 765-5374

Oral Surgeon/s


  • Black Jr., Joel, A., PA. Winston-Salem, NC --- (336) 760-9952

Pediatric Dentist

Addiction Recovery Care Association (ARCA)
Location: 1931 Union Cross Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27107
Phone: (336) 1877-615-2722
Hours: Referrals accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Services: Substance abuse and detoxification treatment
Cost: Call for insurance information

Mental Health and Substance Abuse



To register, contact Mariela Maldonado via e-mail at or call (919) 865-5066.
For more information, contact Isidora Del Campo via e-mail at or call (336) 608-9729.

Autism Society of North Carolina


Location: 4045 University Parkway, Winston-Salem NC 27106
Phone: 1-888-581-9988
Hours: 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Cost: Accept Medicaid. Financial assistance available.
Services: Mental health and substance abuse treatment. Development disability services provided.



Location: Winston-Salem Office 7820 North Point Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 448-2291
Eligibility: Any county resident who is currently enrolled or eligible for Medicaid, HealthChoice, Medicare and any private insurance carriers may apply for assistance.
Services: Community support team consists of intensive community-based mental health and substance abuse rehabilitative services and support delivered in a team approach.

Home of Second Chances

Location: 1509 South Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem NC 27103
Phone: (336)768- 3880
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Cost: Accept Medicaid. Financial assistance available.
Services: Mental health treatment

Mental Health Association

Location: 725 North Highland Avenue, Winston-Salem NC 27101
Phone: (336) 607-8523
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Accepts: All patients with or without insurance
Services: Mental health and substance abuse treatment

Daymark Recovery Services

Phone: (336) 722-8173
Police- Non-emergency
Phone: (336) 773-7700
Forsyth County Domestic Violence Center
Phone: (336) 779-6563
Baby Love/ Maternity Care
Phone: (336) 703-3200

Family Services


AIDS Care Services
Phone: (336)777-0116
Legal Aid
Phone: (866) 219-5262
Disabled American Veterans
Phone: (336) 631-5481
Food Stamps/DSS
Phone: (336) 703-3400
Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind
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Senior Services
Phone: (336) 725-0907 or help line (336) 724-2040

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